Envelope Computation via Approximate Implicitization

Kdy? 10.11.2009 13:00 - 14:00
Kde? ZČU / FAV / KMA / UL610 (učebna)

Tino Schulz: Envelope Computation via Approximate Implicitization




What is the mutuality of gearings, offsets and coffee mugs? All of them have an interesting connection to envelopes! Given a parametric description of a family of rational planar curves, we are interested in finding the implicit equation (or an approximation) of the related envelope. Since an envelope touches every member of the family tangentially, it is defined via an implicit curve in the parameter space. This situation, combined with the high degrees of the polynomials therefore involved, makes an exact implicitization unattractive. However, approximate implicitization (AI) seems to be suited, to tackle this problem. We will present two approaches using AI and discuss the arising problems.


Evropská unie, ESF, MŠMT, OP Vzdělávání pro konkurenceschopnost, ZČU


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