Interactive manipulation of sand on a TIN terrain model for virtual reality

Kdy? 21.6.2010 13:30
Kde? ZČU / FAV / KIV

Václav Purchart

We developed a new approach for modeling of sand surface. The terrain model is based on a triangulated irregular network while existing solutions have been based on a regular grid. Memory consumption is significantly reduced without a regular grid at the expense of more complicated algorithms. This solution allows deforming terrain by a set of virtual tools and erosion simulation. All these simulations run in real time. The biggest advantage of TIN model is that the model automatically adapts to the required level of details, so no fixed sampling frequency is needed. VR tools can be controlled by a haptic device. We want to induce the same touch feeling as if the user directly touches the sand in real world.

Přednáška proběhne v místnosti UL411.

Evropská unie, ESF, MŠMT, OP Vzdělávání pro konkurenceschopnost, ZČU


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