Principles of modularity for synthetic biology

Kdy? 24.10.2016 10:00
Kde? ZČU / FAV / UC 143 (zasedací místnost)

Přednáší: M.Sc. et M.Sc. Daniel Georgiev, Ph.D.


Synthetic biology is the system science for bioengineering. Its goal is to enable bottom-up synthesis by formalizing good design practices, performance metrics, control structures and other system tools applicable in biology. Towards this goal, it is imperative for synthetic biology to formalize modularity principles for biotechnological systems. Existing functional units comprising genetic, protein, and cellular networks inherently violate principles of modularity due to dynamical interdependence with the environment and context specificity. Whereas resolution of these same issues in electromechanical systems has been overcome and is to a large extent alleviated by spatial localization of functional units, resolution of these issues is one of the fundamental outstanding problems in synthetic biology. It is hoped that this work places this problem of modularity in the context of systems engineering and that the presented modular solutions, supported by rigorous systems theory and real world applications, will pave the way for future systematic developments.

Evropská unie, ESF, MŠMT, OP Vzdělávání pro konkurenceschopnost, ZČU


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